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I love to keep positive myself about every aspect of life. There are so many things around me that I like to do, to see, to taste and to experience. I like to have tours in holiday, I keep books with me in my tours. This blog is to keep my memories alive and share my journey of life with you all.

About Me...

I was born in Kansas, and like little Lillie, I always dreamed that a hurricane would take me somewhere to another country. Finally I ended up in another country – in China, to study business college.

Finaly, I started to discover the world of low-cost airlines and to fly somewhere and see the world every weekend. I started this blog to share my fashion, travel experiences, life hacks and the usual daily thoughts about everything happen around me.

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I’m a business strategist turned soulful entrepreneur and coach. Here’s how i can help

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I can coach or teach you to understand the proper maket policy which will help you a lot to grow your business perfectly.

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I will arrange some group programs that will help you to  improve your business as fast as possible.

Web Development for your business

We are also providing web development services for your business. I am sure it will help you a lot.

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Online marketing is the best service to increase your sales or grow your systematic business as early as possible.

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