How To Do Semi-Permanent Lash Extension At Home?

If you are someone who likes to change your look up every so often, semi-permanent lash extensions can be one of the best ways to go. As opposed to fake ones that you can put on yourself at home or have put on by a friend, semi-permanent lash extensions are professionally applied by skilled professional lash technicians or lash technicians at a salon. This means that they will be attached with the help of sewing machines instead of plucking. The whole procedure lasts for about an hour and is painless, although some people might feel a little bit sore afterward. Read about some of the best eyelash extension supplier.

Though lash extensions should be done with professional help, you can also do it in your home. DIY semi-permanent eyelash extensions are pretty popular nowadays because it is affordable and also takes very less time to do at home.

Why would you want to have eyelash extensions?

One of the main reasons people get them done is because they wish to have fuller, longer-looking lashes that last all day and all night. Another important reason that some women choose this procedure is that they don’t like applying mascara. With lash extensions, however, you don’t have to. So, if you are fed up with having to wear mascara all day long, then the semi-permanent lash extension is definitely for you.

Many different styles are available, from thick lashes to thinner ones and everything in between. Thick ones tend to be more popular for women who wish to change their eye color – but don’t want to go completely red. If you prefer a thicker option, then there are a few different styles suitable for you. These include full Russian volume lashes and semi-orbital Russian volume lashes. The latter looks just like your natural lashes but are attached to the top of the eye with clips not to fall out.

For semi-permanent lash extensions at home, you will need very few things like a tweezer, a lash extension kit, and glue. Once you apply all the lashes, you will need to cover your eyes. This can take a few hours, depending on how big your eyes are. Make sure your hand is clean before applying any products to your eyes.

The lashes that are attached to the top of your eye will be curled, so make sure that they are perfectly natural. The longer, natural lashes that are attached will provide you with maximum volume at an incredibly long length. The beauty of the semi-permanent extension is that the longer lashes are completely natural – no one will be able to tell that the extensions were not applied permanently.

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