Beginner’s Guide to BigCommerce

If you are an eCommerce retailer, you need an online store to sell goods and services over the internet. Ecommerce enables people worldwide to shop, trade, and exchange products without meeting face-to-face. BigCommerce is one of the most reputable and powerful eCommerce platforms that you can use for your business.

This beginner’s guide will provide valuable insight into BigCommerce and other useful tips to help retailers get started.

BigCommerce Plans

BigCommerce pricing in Australia is fair for many eCommerce businesses. It offers different plans to retailers who want the best eCommerce website for their business. You can choose one among three main plan categories: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. Basically, you need a solution that caters to your specific needs as an online retailer.

The BigCommerce Dashboard

It is essential to access all the tools you need in one central location when starting your business. You can start with the BigCommerce Dashboard. It gives you access to powerful features like site speed optimization, HTML sitemaps, XML sitemaps, and Google Analytics integration for data analysis.

BigCommerce Analytics

As your business grows, you need to stay on top of things. You should also keep track of all relevant customer demographics, interests, and preferences. You need accurate customer behavior data to develop targeted marketing strategies and increase conversion rates and average order value. You can use BigCommerce Analytics to achieve this by looking at customer data like where they came from, what pages they visit, and how long it takes them to make a purchase.

BigCommerce Security

The last thing you want is someone else to steal all of your profits by hacking into your online store and stealing customer data. BigCommerce stores are secure, so you can rest assured that no one will be able to commit fraud or steal from your business.

Pros of BigCommerce

Easy to use interface

One of the main advantages of BigCommerce is that it has an easy-to-use interface which makes managing your eCommerce store simple. You can set up your store quickly and start selling products in just a few minutes. You can also download the BigCommerce app for iOS or Android devices, which helps manage orders when you’re on the go.

Affordable pricing

Bigcommerce has affordable plans that are suitable for most eCommerce retailers who want to build their online business. The pricing is fair, and you can choose between different packages according to the features your business needs. Whether you want a basic or advanced solution, BigCommerce has something for everyone.

Customer support

BigCommerce offers fast customer support, so you have access to help whenever you need it. You can get in touch with their team via email or phone, and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cons of BigCommerce

  • BigCommerce does not integrate with many eCommerce platforms, making managing your online store a bit more complicated.
  • The themes are expensive, which is not ideal for smaller businesses.
  • While Bigcommerce offers competitive pricing, it is costly compared to other platforms like Shopify and WordPress.

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