How to Treat your Vein Problem

Varicose veins are an unsightly problem, but they are not dangerous. If a person is suffering from the visibility of varicose veins, there are some treatment options to remove the appearance of these superficial veins. Some methods can be used to help treat them and will help reduce the appearance of the varicose veins. Check this out for affordable treatment service.


Compression Stocking

To begin to treat the varicose veins, the doctors may recommend using compression stockings. These can often be purchased at a pharmacy or other medical supply store. These stockings will put some pressure on the legs and will help the muscle push the blood upward. This will provide support to the ankles, which will help with the veins. When a person gets out of bed in the morning they will need to put on these socks and keep them on during the day. The legs should also be elevated for 15 minutes throughout the day. This will help reduce the appearance of the veins.

Laser Treatment

If a person has visible veins, they can speak to their doctor about laser treatment. This laser will use light energy that has been directed at the veins to help them fade over time. The veins may even disappear after multiple treatments. This procedure is effective at treating people with smaller varicose veins.


This is a process where chemicals are injected right into the veins by the doctor. These chemicals will cause the veins to collapse. This will stop blood from entering these veins and transporting to other parts of the body. Once the blood stops getting into the veins, they will collapse and will no longer be visible.


This is another treatment option that is performed by a doctor. A catheter-like method is used that will be heated with radio waves or lasers. This will help destroy the veins, and they will not be visible.


This method will require a doctor to remove the veins surgically. They can also be stripped. Often, other forms are recommended to help remove the veins since this is the most invasive procedure. Even though it is invasive, it is useful.

New Issues

There is no treatment method or preventative method to help new varicose veins from forming. A person should speak with their dermatologist or another medical professional before having any procedure so they can learn the risks and the benefits.

These are some of the new treatments for varicose veins. These veins are not dangerous, but they are unattractive. These treatments will allow a person to look and feel better about their legs without various veins.