Biz Love: Kamp & Co

I’ve been on the hunt for a good waterproof blanket for picnics/concerts/playdates FOREVER. Finally, FINALLY, found one that is durable AND adorable.

photo-13I’d say a good waterproof blanket is THE mama necessity, no matter what your kids age is. Love these ones from Kamp & Co! Also, can we talk about those leg rolls? :) Let the blanket adventures begin!


Duchess & Lion

I’m a huge fan of Duchess & Lion Co. All of their pieces are designed by Stacie Lucas, whom I adore. She’s a mama of a little girl and boy (hmm sounds familiar) and has incredible style. Even better, she’s nice, and keeps it real. Even better BETTER…all of her pieces are comfortable, which is Ry’s only requirement these days. Thanks Stacie for creating beautiful children’s clothing, and just simply being awesome. I’m a sucker for anything handmade.

photo-12This is how we do fall in SoCal, rompers and beanies ;)

photo 1-11photo 4-7 photo 3-11Someone has been getting a little more ‘tude if you know what I mean.

photo-11Here’s an outtake from Ever’s 2 month photos! I still need to upload his 0 and 1 month pics, oops. Those pants are from Stacie’s line…and his face is saying “yes I have milk dribbling down my cheek, whatcha gonna do about it eh?”

Holiday Dresses

I don’t know about you, but when the holidays roll around I’m always on the hunt for the perfect holiday dress! Having a little girl means I get double the fun. Whether it’s for holiday card pictures, parties, or sitting on Santa’s lap (or, in our case last year, sitting on mama’s lap who is sitting on Santa’s lap…) I found a couple of dresses that could totally work!

holidaydresses1. Duchess and Lion Co Bad Apples Dress ~ I think this is the perfect non-traditional (meaning…it’s not fluffy and red) dress for the holidays. Doll it up with some burgundy boots, throw on a fur snood, eat some apple pie, and you’re set.

2. Le Bee’s Knees Holiday Dress ~ I’m a sucker for anything pinafore, and I love this apple green check dress that reminds me of a dress my mom put me in when I was a kid!

3. Stars Tulle Dress from Zara ~ Cream, gold stars, tulle, sold.

4. Red Flannel Tunic from Minikin ~ I’d belt this tunic and add some cable leg warmers and moccs for a comfy and cozy look.

5. Gold and Navy Dress from Target ~ When you find something this good at target, you can’t wait on it, or it’ll be sold before you can say ho…ho…ho!

6. Fur Snood from Zara ~ For any of the above, faux of course.

7. Burguny Bluchers from Zara ~ Little bluchers on little girls are so good.

8. Cable Knit Leg Warmers from Gap ~ Keep those little legs toasty, and easy to take off if that little girl of yours (like mine) is getting sweaty playing some family football on Christmas day!

Lastly, I love me a good holiday dress, but I always bring some extra comfy clothes in case the frill is getting in the way of fun.

Happy shopping!