Holiday Dresses

I don’t know about you, but when the holidays roll around I’m always on the hunt for the perfect holiday dress! Having a little girl means I get double the fun. Whether it’s for holiday card pictures, parties, or sitting on Santa’s lap (or, in our case last year, sitting on mama’s lap who is sitting on Santa’s lap…) I found a couple of dresses that could totally work!

holidaydresses1. Duchess and Lion Co Bad Apples Dress ~ I think this is the perfect non-traditional (meaning…it’s not fluffy and red) dress for the holidays. Doll it up with some burgundy boots, throw on a fur snood, eat some apple pie, and you’re set.

2. Le Bee’s Knees Holiday Dress ~ I’m a sucker for anything pinafore, and I love this apple green check dress that reminds me of a dress my mom put me in when I was a kid!

3. Stars Tulle Dress from Zara ~ Cream, gold stars, tulle, sold.

4. Red Flannel Tunic from Minikin ~ I’d belt this tunic and add some cable leg warmers and moccs for a comfy and cozy look.

5. Gold and Navy Dress from Target ~ When you find something this good at target, you can’t wait on it, or it’ll be sold before you can say ho…ho…ho!

6. Fur Snood from Zara ~ For any of the above, faux of course.

7. Burguny Bluchers from Zara ~ Little bluchers on little girls are so good.

8. Cable Knit Leg Warmers from Gap ~ Keep those little legs toasty, and easy to take off if that little girl of yours (like mine) is getting sweaty playing some family football on Christmas day!

Lastly, I love me a good holiday dress, but I always bring some extra comfy clothes in case the frill is getting in the way of fun.

Happy shopping!


Tutu du Monde for Halloween

Fall is my favorite season. The cripsness in the air (which hasn’t shown up yet darn it), the colors of the leaves, I’m a sucker for it all. It also means that all of our favorite holidays are right around the corner. Ry and I got to play around with tutu du monde, and turned some of their pieces into little Halloween costumes. It was fun to play dress up with her, and was a good compromise since on the big night she is picking out what she wants to dress up as!


We thought these bloomers (out soon, but here are some that are similar) and capelet would make the perfect little vintage circus costume.

bapirrap-10 bapirrap-12 bapirrap-26Love her.

Fan chair from Progeny Shoppe. Headband from A Tiny Arrow.

Photos by Nikki.


and every vintage circus girl needs a lion to tame, don’t you think? ;)


Now we all know that there will be a ton of Elsas this year knocking on our doors for tricks and treats. This blue sparkle dress from tutu could easily be transformed into an Elsa costume with the right accessories :) like…

photo 4-6 snowflakes :)

photo-9olaf :) and braids. we chose a braid crown!

Thanks Tutu du Monde for playing dress up with us!

photo 2-11


Crafting and Costuming

Rylie was recently invited to a super fun little craft party put on by Beijos Events, where she got to color, snack, and dress up in some of Pottery Barn Kid’s Halloween costumes with her buddies. Freshly Picked joined the fun and paired some of their cute moccs with the kiddo’s costumes. Love Child was there to document the fun! Thanks for having us guys!

100214-beijos-099Ry’s bestie Lucca. These two girls were HAMS on the set, totally surprising their mamas…who thought they might get shy :) Nope, put some wings on these girls and they become some real twirling fairies.


Some of our friends got a little sleepy though. Crafting and costuming can be exhausting I tell you.

100214-beijos-045 100214-beijos-053 100214-beijos-054 100214-beijos-063 100214-beijos-093 100214-beijos-103 100214-beijos-106

100214-beijos-100 100214-beijos-101Getting so excited for Halloween this year! Rylie got to choose what she wanted to be, and she decided on…drumroll please….


cat in the hat! she loves her some cat in the hat :) i’m just glad she didn’t want to be anna or elsa. nothing wrong with anna and elsa…but I might lose her among all of the other princesses this year!