Three Years of Rylie


Both kids are asleep, and instead of doing something productive (like laundry, school work, or taking a nap) I’m looking at old pics of Ry when she was a baby. Having Everson definitely makes me nostalgic for Ry’s baby years. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when Ever stops smelling like a baby. I just might die. A little dramatic? Ok, maybe I’ll have another one. Don’t tell Dave (he says we are done).

Anyway, just for fun…and because I want to see these pics side by side…here’s cake pics from Ry’s birthday the last 3 years :)


“Breakfast at Rylie’s” (photo by Susan from En Pointe)


A little bohemian bash, Ry turns 2 with “grace in her heart and flowers in her hair.”

and below…the most recent fiesta :) (both photos from Nikki)


Baby Essentials- The First Month

Well. We survived month 1! Couldn’t do it alone though (well, somehow they did back when we were cavewomen…I guess all you really need is a boob, shelter, and love) BUT, we live in a day in age where there are so many wonderful and natural accessories that we can use to help that first month of babyland go smoothly!

Here are a few of my essentials this past month.

babyessentials1. Surviving the first month of breastfeeding is no easy task for some women. I had mastitis at week 2, and that about paralyzed me for a few days. Luckily, we know a lot more about how to get through those tough patches and you can find a lot more breastfeeding support these days. I attend a weekly support group :) At around week 3 we introduced a bottle. These MAM bottles were the ones that worked for Rylie the best, so the nipple must be the one that is most similar to my own. Everson took right to it as well :) These worked for us, but you have to find the one that works best for you and your babe.

2. By far my favorite baby/postpartum mama products come from Earth Mama Angel Baby. The ingredients are super easy to read and all natural. I use their baby shampoo/wash, their baby oil for little baby massages, nipple cream, and butt balm. I love their slogan, “peace, love, and nipple cream.” Yup that about sums it up right there :)

3/3. You also need some super soft and light blankets that first month. For swaddling, snuggling, or covering (if that’s something you want!) I love these two blankets. The XOve blanket (blue and white) comes from a company that donates a product to a child in need for every order placed (good cause, and a great blanket, perfection). The white with gold trim blanket from Numpfer is just about the best material ever made from organic fabrics. So soft, and the gold lining sold me…of course :)

4. I had a Petunia Pickle Bottom when Ry was a babe, and upgraded to a new one for this time around. They are so functional and the backpack feature is really important when you are also chasing around a toddler (aka, you need both hands).

5. When your babe is so little, it’s hard to know what carrier to get if you want to babywear. I’ve had other wraps in the past, and they just always felt so heavy and hot. The Solly baby wrap is so light, so easy to tie, and I use it everyday with Ever (around the house and out and about…it helps get the job done and keep baby close). I even figured out how to breastfeed in it the other day! The babywearing and breastfeeding is still a work in progress for me…but once I get that down I’m not sure I’ll ever take him out ;)

6. Ok. So I’ll admit I’ve only had the 4moms Rockaroo for 3 days now. BUT, so far…it has been a game changer. Ever LOVES it, and he does not typically like to be put down. I’ve even taken a shower…2…days…in a row. Miracle worker this Rockaroo is! The newborn insert is a great addition for the newbie babes too.

7. I never found a breastfeeding bra I loved with Rylie. I ended up just wearing a normal bra and pulling it down (and then ruining it because it was always getting stretched out). I am so glad I found Boob Designs nursing bra (cleverly called “fast food”). It is cute, soft, and has no wires in it which is really useful for someone like me who has a history of plugged ducts and mastitis.

8/9. So these two go together, and they aren’t for me or the babe. They are for the toddler. The transition for Ry has been a little tougher the last couple of days (honeymoon phase is over). I love these new toy cameras from Bloom Theory, super entertaining for a toddler who loves to pretend to snap pics of all her favorite things and bugs in the backyard. The perfect distraction while I’m nursing or changing a diaper. Ry also loves to get mail. The Little Bundle is a curated package subscription that arrives once a month. I also love it because it comes with stuff that I didn’t pick out, which means we might discover something Ry loves that we wouldn’t have otherwise known she would like!

Not pictured…but absolutely necessary this past month has been my family. Luckily both of our families are close by, and they have been the biggest help in surviving the first month. It takes a village, and we are lucky to have ours so close.

I’ll try to share my favorite baby essentials throughout this first year! Till then, TGIF!



I woke up and was distracting myself with things that don’t matter, but someone very special, brought me back to where I needed to be with these little angel wings and a letter to the baby we lost a year ago today. I’m a mixed bag of emotions, going from sad stinging tears to dreamy closed-eye smiles as I sniff Everson’s little warm neck and feel his sweet milk breath on my cheek. In this letter to our baby, this special person said things like “you were too good for this world” and remembered that I had asked her to be your godmother before we lost you.

Lost. I hate that word. I just decided. You weren’t lost, I know where you are. You’re in Everson’s smile (which he just started to share with us), and Rylie’s hugs. You are in the playground with Ry when she is being shy and playing by herself. You are that little monarch butterfly that flew to the window and fluttered still for a little while the other day when Ry and Immi were taking a bath together. You gave us Everson.

I’ll always remember the way your heartbeat sounded, and will cherish your ultrasound picture forever. When the fires were near our home a couple months ago, it was one of the only things I grabbed. Now, I have these wings. Thank you, that special someone, for knowing I would need this today, and tomorrow…