Rylie’s Frida Fiesta . In Photos

About a week and a half ago we had a little fiesta at our home for our Rylie. Nikki captured the day with her amazing camera genius skills, and I’m so grateful…the day went by so fast and felt like such a blur that it was really special (for all of us) to look back at these photos. Thank you to everyone that came over to celebrate, and to all the helpers that helped make it happen. After just getting over mastitis the day before (yikes) I really REALLY needed the help. Ry had the best day, and told me over and over again how much fun she had. Although, I’m pretty sure she would’ve had just as much fun if it was a simply plastic tablecloth party without all the bells and whistles. She’s a simple gal, that Rylie girl of mine, and to be honest…she has taught me a lot. Next year, I’m going to try and remember to keep it simple :) I love you Rylie, my beautiful, sweet, and older than her years daughter.

All sources (that I could think of!) at the bottom of the post :)


The birthday girl :) all smiles…but wouldn’t you be? I mean: cake, quesadillas, presents, and tons of attention just after your baby brother is born definitely = smiles.


These two gentlemen…


One of Ry’s bestests, little miss Lucca Valentine. Her mama Tori came over early and helped me set up, she didn’t have to, but she’s just wonderful like that.


I love her so much it hurts.


This girl loves to dance, and she’s got moves like Jagger…

ryliesfridafiesta-40 ryliesfridafiesta-70 ryliesfridafiesta-57 ryliesfridafiesta-28 ryliesfridafiesta-90

2 weeks postpartum and just getting over a fever from Mastitis, but it’s amazing what some under eye concealer and Nikki’s photo editing skills will do to cover that up ;p

ryliesfridafiesta-101 ryliesfridafiesta-93

She loved every second of the attention :)

ryliesfridafiesta-54 ryliesfridafiesta-53

Oh Rachael, my friend. Thank you so much for helping set up and for all your beautiful floralizing skills.


“Omg…I’m 3!” And the most incredible rope hanging from one of my new favorite bloggers to follow, Alexis from The Shift Creative


Just a bunch of gals, having some gal talk. Immi, that face…your mom is in trouble.

ryliesfridafiesta-24 ryliesfridafiesta-3 I’m really not that crafty, ask anyone that knows me…but these party hats were super easy. All I needed were some pretty faux florals, some party hats, and a glue gun ;) Except that we know someone who lost sight because of those metal parts on the elastic bands that go under your neck…pretty awful, so we just ended up using some baker’s twine.

ryliesfridafiesta-85 ryliesfridafiesta-84 ryliesfridafiesta-12 ryliesfridafiesta-6 ryliesfridafiesta-68 ryliesfridafiesta-76 ryliesfridafiesta-69Kelli, you have such a gift. Thank you so much for this little girl Frida. My father-in-law told me “you better have that friend of yours sign this drawing, she’s going to be famous one day and this will be worth tons of money!” Hear that Kel…you’re going to be rich and famous! And so will I since you drew this for us :) And thank you to Vol25 for printing this drawing on beautiful tapestry for us!
ryliesfridafiesta-21 ryliesfridafiesta-36 ryliesfridafiesta-95You know it’s a good party when the birthday girl is a sweaty one!
ryliesfridafiesta-8 ryliesfridafiesta-72 ryliesfridafiesta-41 ryliesfridafiesta-102 How perfect is this little fan chair from Progeny Shoppe?! The perfect spot to rest a birthday toosh during present time :)

ryliesfridafiesta-48 ryliesfridafiesta-15 ryliesfridafiesta-58

The flavors were churro and mexican chocolate spice. It was divine.


Love Anna from Goose Grease shop for making this little Frida peg doll for Ry!

ryliesfridafiesta-27 ryliesfridafiesta-22 ryliesfridafiesta-71 My grandpa’s famous empanadas :)

ryliesfridafiesta-10 ryliesfridafiesta-46

I ate so much Eat Puesto and these fruit cups when I was pregnant with Ever…it was only fitting they made an appearance at this party :)

ryliesfridafiesta-100 Blessed with so many good folks in our life.


Phew…well that was fun :) But…I should also mention that a few weeks before the party Ry said “I can’t wait for my cat in the hat birthday party.” OH man, did I feel bad. So the day before we did have a little cat in the hat cake for her with just our immediate family. She loved it! So next year, Ry, I promise not to hijack your birthday theme and I’ll try to keep it simple…just how you like it ;)

Florals: Siren Floral Co

Frida Print: Kelli Murray (art)

Frida Quote Tapestry (pictured in previous post): Jenny from Maiedae

Cake: Sweet ‘n Saucy

Street Fruit Cups: Eat Puesto

Gift Bags: Studio Mucci

Rope Wall Hanging: The Shift Creative

Rylie’s Romper: Brass Razoo

My Dress: Vdingy

Everson’s Guayabera Romper: Mr. Romper

Pink Tablecloth and Tassel Tablecloth: Anthropologie

Peg Frida Dolls: Goose Grease and Sketch Inc

Floral 3: Scalloped Window

Party Hats: made by me

Pink Sombrero and OMG Balloon: Drop it Modern

Mini Donkey Pinatas: Furbish

Paper Flowers: Joyful Events

Rylie’s Birthday Chair: Progeney Shoppe

Maracas: Vintage Baby Doll Shop


Current Obsession

My current obsession…vintage guayabera shirts made into little baby rompers…and this picture of Ever in his matching guayabera with my grandfather, oh and Nikki…for taking this picture and always capturing our moments. I’ll cherish this moment, this picture, and that little newborn romper forever. Thank you Mr. Romper for making my baby guayabera dreams come true. ryliesfridafiesta-61   ryliesfridafiesta-64 story About Mr. Romper: “The Rompers are constructed from old Guayaberas, pearl snaps and button-downs.  They are one of a kind. Comfy, cool and easy to wear. Add a pair of kicks and you have the next Don Draper or Roy Rogers. Handmade in Texas, America. Things that inspired the maker for this line; the dirty thrift hunt, mexican blankets, cowboys, donkeys, visiting Colorado as a child through the windows of a station wagon, when cars were made out of steel and seat belts didnt exist, the wise eyes of an old donkey and my old man, the 1960′s. Made to Last, Made with Love, Made with Grandpas threads. Romp On!” *this is not a sponsored post! i’ll try and be better about letting you know when products were sent to me to review, or a post is sponsored. this romper was purchased by me, and I just loved the quality so much that I wanted to share. i will always ONLY share products/items that I truly truly love, sponsored or not. thanks for following along :)

Rylie’s Frida Fiesta . A Video


Tassel garland from Studio Mucci // Frida quote tapestry from Jenny Maiedae // Fairy Bird Wings

“feet what do I need you for, when I have wings to fly…” – frida kahlo

Rylie turned 3 last weekend. Rylie girl…I can’t believe you’ve been in this world, making me the luckiest mama in the universe, for 3 whole years. You are such an incredible little human Miss Rylie Alisa, and I love you so much it makes my heart hurt.

I’ll share all the photos that Nik took soon, but till then…a little video of some iphone clips I took at Ry’s little fiesta.