Everson Michael

Everson Michael. He is here. We are crazy for him.

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On August 19 at around 8:30 AM during Rylie’s bubble bath, I was going pee. As I was finishing my business, it seemed like there was a gush of pee. As I stood up it kept coming, and we knew. My water had broke. I’ll go into more detail about the labor in a later post, it wasn’t exactly how we imagined it but in many ways it was a wonderful and ideal situation. My contractions hadn’t started so we were able to do our whole nighttime routine with Ry, and actually tell her that when she woke up that grandma and grandpa would be there, and she would get to meet her baby brother. I laid in bed with her, hugged her for what seemed like forever, and gave her a million little kisses all over her face, knowing that it would be the last time I would do so with her as my only child. It was one of those life moments and I really believe she understood.

Everson, you were born August 20th at 8:25 AM. You weighed 8 lbs 3.5 oz and they measured you at 18 inches (but you were 19 inches a few days later, so I think they got it wrong!) I overheard one of the delivery nurses tell a postpartum nurse that “she won’t let him go, she’s held him since we put him in her arms.” She was right, and that’s how we stayed.

We are so in love with you. Words don’t do the feelings justice. You are such a (as your papa called you) “fair” baby. You only cry when something hurts (a gas bubble for example) but otherwise you are just a bundle of sweet baby smelling, sleepy smiling, blue eyed (as of today) baby. At your first doctor appointment you had not only met your birth weight but had gained 10 oz! I love to smell you, breast feed you, hold you. Your heavy baby weight on my chest is what dreams are made of. You have the longest little fingers and softest skin. I cry as I write this because my feelings for you are already so tremendous.

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Rylie. You always amaze me, but this time…I am beyond amazed. From the minute you met him you have been such a gentle and caring big sister. You love to touch his head, pet his hair, find his toes (and play “this little piggy”), look at his umbilical cord, and you think it is hilarious when he pees as mama as changing his diaper. You have been such a big helper, getting diapers, blankets, and making sure he has his “mimi” lovey. This morning you said you wanted to snuggle with him in bed, and my heart exploded into a million little pieces. Sometimes it’s a little hard for you, when you want me to do something and I cant right away, but I see you taking a deep breath and trying to be patient. You are mature beyond your years, such an old caring soul. You get it too, you get what it means to be a big sister and that he is a new part of our family. I didn’t believe I could love you anymore than I already do, but seeing you in this role, I do.

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My heart is full.

Biz Love . 31 Bits

I love me some good neck or arm candy, but when you know what you’re wearing is for a good cause…it’s even better. I first got introduced to 31 bits when we did our mother’s day shoot for Free People. Then I heard my girl Taylor Sterling was going to be modeling/styling some of their pieces for their winter line. I knew their stuff was good, but I didn’t know a lot about the cause behind it. 31 bits runs health education, finance trainings, business training, mentorships and more to 170 women in Northern Uganda. The jewelry is handmade by these women and provides them with an income. Their Fall line launches TODAY, so be sure to check it out! Each piece has so much love in it, you can tell.

They are also super fun to follow on instagram :)

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Top by Wendy Bellissimo’s maternity line

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Here’s a few of my favorite pieces from their Fall line. It’s so good, and I’m so ready for Fall…chunky cable knit and boots, yes!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.16.51 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.16.24 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 7.15.49 AM

On another note…still on baby boy watch over here. Did I mention he has a name? Everson :) Our son, Everson. (Nickname Ever or Ev). David actually came up with it. We always loved the name Everly for a girl, and were kind of toying around with the name Emerson for a boy. He put them together, and I fell for the name, hard. I’m ready to kiss your face and smell your sweet baby smell Ever, so anytime you’re ready…we’re ready too :)

Hospital Bag: What to Pack

I was in prep mode today, and started to pull some things together for our hospital bag. I packed so many things I didn’t actually use when I gave birth to Rylie, and remembered a few tips I learned while I was actually in the hospital. Here’s what we are packing, and a few tips I hope will come in handy this time around!


What to pack:


  • A comfy going home outfit for baby. We don’t seem to make babies over here that are normal newborn size (Ry was almost 9 lbs at birth and 10 lbs by the time we left the hospital…and this baby has been measuring bigger than she did in utero), so we pack 0-3 months. I don’t know if newborn size fits most newborns, but easier if the outfit is a little big than too small :) This onesie is from baby Gap.
  • A comfy going home outfit for you. With Rylie I packed a huge robe and clothes for going home that weren’t the comfiest. I didn’t realize how (ahem) messy post-birth can be, so never ended up wearing the robe. I also didn’t totally realize I would leave looking pregnant still. I’ll be packing some great transitional pieces from Wendy Bellissimo’s maternity line to wear home.
  • A gift for your older child. So much attention will be on baby, and so many packages and gifts arriving for the new little one. We decided to get Rylie a few little gifts (2 books and some finger puppets) that would be from her new baby brother. That way, when she comes to see him for the first time, she feels extra special. The gifts were wrapped by my friends at Sweet Paper.
  • Pre-written thank you card for your doctor and nurses (oh and chocolate, bring chocolate!) This was some advice we got from a doula we’ve worked with. Thanking your providers, and being THAT room that has chocolate for everyone, is never a bad idea. Mostly because you (hopefully) are being given great care, but also because it provides a positive environment and initiates a great relationship with those that will be caring for you and your baby. This card is Rifle Paper from Sweet Paper.
  • Soft organic multi-use blanket. The hospital does provide blankets, but I couldn’t resist these soft organic ones from Numpfer. I’m obsessed with all their stuff, so simple, so soft, all organic. Oh man, I can’t wait for skin-to-skin snuggles with this light blanket draped over us…


  • Birth plan. If you have one :)
  • Toiletries. Face wash, toothpaste/toothbrush, hair ties/brush. I never actually took a full shower in the hospital because I had an unplanned cesarean with Rylie, I had a sponge bath :)
  • Chapstick. Trust me, you’ll need it. We didn’t pack it the first time and I had to have someone go buy me some. For whatever reason, you’ll need chapstick!
  • Little security blanket/Lovie. From the moment Rylie was born I introduced her little lovie, an owl blankie from Angel Dear. For awhile I only kept it near her little face while we nursed, and as she grew older she eventually slept with it. It became a great transitional object for her when I returned to work, or when we traveled. We bought a bunch of them, so we never worry about losing it :) She doesn’t need it now of course, but she still loves it.
  • Snacks. For you, and for papa.
  • Headphones and eye mask (for labor). When you tune out your senses, you can channel your inner cave woman…nothing makes you feel more like a cave woman than labor :)
  • Videocamera/Non-Phone Camera. Phones are great, but we’ve been trying to take more videos on our camcorder and real camera. You’ll want to capture some of those first few days/nights.


  • Ask for a lactation consult soon after birth. Sometimes it takes them awhile to come by, and you’ll want as much support as you can get, and the quicker the better.
  • Everytime a new nurse comes in, ask for more pads and the mesh boycut underwear the hospitals carry. I found that the hospital pads were my favorite, and I needed the mesh/boycut underwear for quite awhile. I wish I had taken home more. (note* I don’t know how your hospital works and insurance, so see if you are able to request more of these things).

That’s all I can think of for now! What did you pack?! What are your tips?! I can’t believe we are having a baby so soon…I’m starting to really get excited :)