Holiday Gift Guide

I probably don’t need to explain why, but I am SO excited for the holiday season this year. Ry totally gets the concept, and it’s Ever’s first Christmas…so special. There is so much more to the season than presents, but I do have fun shopping for my littles. I put together a little gift guide of some things I’ll be telling Santa about ;)

For babies up to a year…


1. The Land of Nod Baby Gym 2. Progeny Shoppe Donut Rattles 3. Manny and Simon Taxi 4. Wooden Teething Ring

For the toddler…

rygiftguide1. Progeny Shoppe Play Teepee (currently on sale!) 2. Kiddos Grand Piano 3. Velveteen Tutu for the Twirler 4. Date Blocks (for the kiddo learning her dates!) 5. Little Kid Yoga Mat (Dave and Ry do yoga every night…he might kill me for telling you this, but it’s the cutest) 6. Little Goose Grease Shop Family

Happy shopping! And remember…he’s making a list ;)


she’s got moves like jagger

Rylie girl, it just needed to be documented how much you love to dance. You have no shame on the dance floor, and I absolutely love it. You rock little one.

cathydavid-332 cathydavid-333 cathydavid-335 cathydavid-430 cathydavid-438 cathydavid-439 cathydavid-440
cathydavid-206I love you my booba girl.

Ever’s Nursery

The other day our friend Susan came over to hang out with us before she LEAVES us for northern California. We are in complete denial. She photographed our wedding, our daughter’s first birthday, and so many other important days in our life the last couple of years. She brought along her camera, and I’m so glad Ever got a chance to be seen through her camera lens. She’s a moment capturer, that Susan. She also took some pictures of his nursery! Thank you Susan, we will miss you, so so much.


Side Table. Rocking Chair. Cross Blanket. Moroccan Pouf. Silver Star.


Ceiling light. Wooden Name Hanging.


Pillow was a gift from our friend Taylor :)

IMG_0092 Pineapple Hamper. Rug. Wallpaper. 

IMG_0094 Wooden Peg Dolls. 

IMG_0095 Fringe Numbers.




Wooden Camera.


Crib sheet. Heart blanket.


Wild one sign.


Ugh. My heart.

IMG_0145 She’s always near, our Sophie girl.


Pineapple hamper timberrrrr!

IMG_0148-1 IMG_0154-1 IMG_0155

Nothing better in the world than baby feet. Nothing.


Thank blanket was made by our friend Tori. So special.

IMG_0164The book shelf we found at an antique store. It was a distressed gray/blue color and we used it in Rylie’s nursery at our old house. We painted it and I added the gray/black scallop wallpaper to the backing, and it somehow fit perfectly with the scallop edge already on the bookshelf!

We don’t spend much time in here yet, since he is still sleeping in our room with us…but I foresee a lot of snuggles and play happening in here :)